IPF JAPAN 2014 Coming Soon! Introducing exhibition and seminar of leading-edge solutions.


From 28th October 2014 (Tuesday) to 1st November 2014 (Saturday), IPF Japan 2014 (International Plastic Fair) will be held at Makuhari Messe. At the exhibition booth of Matsui Mfg Co. Ltd, various members from the Association of Green Molding Solutions will be conducting daily seminars of the latest solutions.

■ Dry Cooler ecobrid
MATSUI General Manager Shiomi Morio

CHUDLEIGH SUTCH Partner Marcus Sutch

■ Cost cut by Hot Runner system
Husky Corporation Regional Sales Manager Norihisa Chiba

TRIA Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Asia Sales Manager Michele Pezzetti

■ Biocide, Corrosion and Water Clarification
CALFA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Director, Technical Hiroyuki Koike

■ Dry ice Blast cleaning
SHOWA DENKO GAS PRODUCTS CO.LTD. Masayuki Inagaki, General Manager, Industrial Materials Dept.

■ Moisture meter, AQUA TRACK 3E, which identifies the cause of molding defects
I.T.S Japan Corporation Kaori Saito

■ Static Mixers for Plastics Processing
Rumass Switzerland Trading & Consulting GmbH Amy Sheng, Manager

■ Heat & Cool Update
Akimoto Consulting Office  President Dr. Hideo Akimoto

■ Moldex3D Solutions for Effective Energy Saving and Heat Control
CoreTech System Co., Ltd. Oliver Tsai, Manager, World Sales Division

■ Moldex3D Solutions for Enhanced Strength and Reduced Weight
CoreTech System Co., Ltd. Sean Wang, Regional Manager (Japan), World Sales Division,

■ MuCell® Injection Molding Process
TREXEL Japan Co.,Ltd. President Hisashi Tsugawa

■ Popularity of the conformal cooling technology continues to accelerate globally.
OPM laboratory Co.,Ltd. President Kazuho Morimoto

The titles and chronological order of the seminar could change every day.
Please refer to the following URL for details.
Further, the contents of the exhibition are according to the following.

▼ MATSUI MFG. CO., LTD.(HALL 3:No.31704)
In order to illustrate the 10 solution themes of the Factor 4 ideology, the exhibits include case studies of PET bottle, lens/LED plate and CHRP molding products matching to the customer’s injection molding scenario.

▼ TREXEL Japan Co.,Ltd.(HALL 3:No.32302 / and Matsui booth)
MuCell® Microcellular Foam Injection Molding process which uses SCF (super critical fluid) supply device provides the best performance optimization and cost reduction.
The product samples from various MuCell® processes and next generation SCF supply device, Trexel 「T-series」, will be out on exhibition.

▼ SHOWA DENKO GAS PRODUCTS CO.LTD.(HALL 3:No.31702 / and Matsui booth)
The equipment that uses dry ice to remove burr from the injection molding products will be exhibited and a demonstration of it will be shown to display its capability on mold cleaning.

▼ OPM laboratory Co.,Ltd.(HALL 6:No.6MG03 / and Matsui booth)
The world is currently focusing on the 3D printer technology.
Conformal cooling technology which is however different from 3D printer technology will be introduced.

▼ Frigel Firenze S.p.A.(at Matsui booth)
The dry cooler, Ecobrid, will be introduced as a new existing means for the company to maintain sustainability especially to the environment and to meet the increasingly high demand phenomenon.

▼ SPIRAL LOGIC LIMITED(at Matsui booth)
Thermal sprue bushing 「ZiRKON」will be introduced with the aim to achieve cycle time reduction.

▼ iNER(at Matsui booth)
The induction-heating Heat&Cool system will be introduced to illustrate the high-speed Heat&Cool molding.