About The Association of Green Molding Solutions

About The Association of Green Molding Solutions

Our association promotes"Green Molding", which enables the manufactures to make more both in amount and value using less energy and material resources, in the global plastic industry. This will help to solve the global environmental problems, solve the world poverty and increase the manufactures' profits at the same time.

About factor4 in molding factories

Halving Resource Use,
Doubling (Value Added × Production Output)

"factor4" is an ideology suggested by Amory B. Lovins and others. It aims to increase productivity of resources by 4 times by doubling wealth and halving resource use. This eventually leads to the recovery of balance between wealth and our environment.

We apply this ideology to the molding factories. By halving the material and energy used and at the same time by doubling "the added value x the number of output", we can achieve 4 times resource productivity, which is "factor4 in molding factories". This will enable us to double the wealth of the molding factories with consuming half the resource.